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An excerpt from the beginning of CHAPTER I.

DIMIDIUM facti, qui cpit, habei. "He who hath begun, hath half done." Oh, that beginning! There's the rub which makes calamity ... and yet, on the other hand, there are many folk who make numerous beginnings yet never finish their tasks. Well, thank heaven, I've begun! Shall I ever finish?

Certainly I would do the job quite properly if there was someone at my bedside in the early morning to take down my waking thoughts in shorthand. What fine chapters I write then How quickly are ideas, such splendid ideas, spun on the loom of my brain! From lack of a recording angel, what magnificent conceptions are lost to the world then!

For a long time I have intended to write something about Doctors and Doctoring, Past, Present, and Future.

Health is the most important thing to us all, individually and nationally. Disease is our most deadly and most powerful foe; and if the units do not enjoy good health, the State must be a sick State. Sickness brings poverty. A poor State is a weak State, for wealth is power, especially in this twentieth century.

I have been in general practice for a quarter of a century, and during all that time have taken an interest in medical politics. When I qualified, in 1889, there were still a large number of unqualified assistants helping in medical practice ; very useful men they were, and very cheap. Like the old dispensers, their circumstances tended to make them stay a very long time with one employer. They consequently had a good knowledge of the work of the practices with which they were associated, and got to know the patients very intimately. But they were very much stronger in practice than in theory, and did little to advance the progress of medicine; their tendency was to preserve the old 'bottle-of-medicine' custom.

The appearance of the full-time medical officers of health had a most important influence in stimulating the idea of preventive medicine. The maxim that "Prevention is better than cure" has gradually demonstrated its truth, more perhaps to the members of the general community than to the profession; which does not cause surprise if one contemplates the profession as a trading concern. "One man's meat is another man's poison," and this clashing of pecuniary interests between two classes of the profession has had no small influence in retarding its progress as an organization for combating disease in the interests of the community. The battle between the whole-time doctors and the general practitioners is gradually and necessarily coming to an end, because the community cannot be expected to suffer pecuniary interests to block the way to its getting rid of sickness and disease as quickly as knowledge and organization can effect it.

Simulation Based Training Healthcare And Beyond

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It should come as no surprise that people learn from experience. In one form or another, it is the primary means by which most of us have come to master the fundamentals of our profession. This is why simulation is such a valuable tool for learning. It allows people to have experiences they couldn't otherwise get in a predictable or systematic way. However, experience alone is not enough to ensure high levels of performance, patient safety, and quality of care. In addition to the experience itself, learners must receive feedback in order to learn. This includes the feedback that they receive during the simulation as well as the feedback they receive based on a careful reflection of events with instructors and their peers after the simulation scenario has ended. These after-action reviews or debriefs have been described as the heart and soul of learning from practice in simulations (Rall, Manser, & Howard, 2000). Empirical studies support this notion and have shown that debriefs are the primary means by which people learn from their experiences in simulations and transfer what they learn to the real world (Savoldelli, Naik, Park, Joo, Chow, & Hamstra, 2006; Issenberg, McGaghie, Petrusa, Gordon, & Scalese, 2005). So, in order for team training to result in better clinical outcomes, team members must engage in a quality debrief to make sense of the experience and translate that into better performance in the future. But what does a good debrief look like? How is it run, and by whom? What can trainers do to ensure that every debrief is as good as it can be-that team members come away from the experience learning the right lessons? While the science of training and simulation community of practice have developed answers to these questions, they remain generally inaccessible for practitioners. This book addresses that need. Written for practitioners charged with implementing simulation-based training (SBT) for teams in healthcare, it provides a practical tool set for conducting debriefs.

Women's Health In Mid-life

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This book highlights the needs and healthcare concerns of women in their midlife.

Women, in their middle ages, are often overlooked by medical practitioners. From the end of childbearing to old age, approximately ages 40 to 65, their health needs are complex and changing.

This is a time of challenge and opportunity when the physician and woman working collaboratively can change her health and future.

Midlife healthcare is far more than hormones. Healthy behaviours such as good nutrition and exercise can be promoted that will result in lower risk and sometimes improved care of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Adequate screening and treatment can prevent diseases and complications. The burgeoning literature on allopathic and complementary medicine is critically evaluated and compared to established medical care.

Written by 20 primary care physicians, this book will help family practitioners provide the best possible healthcare for these women.

It is also a great book for those women who want to know what's really happening to them, and what all their options are.

How Learning To Say Goodbye Taught Me How To Live

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Loss can either break you open or break you down-your choice. If you choose to allow it to break you open, you can discover who you truly were meant to be before time and the world made you forget.

How Learning to Say Good-bye Taught Me How to Live is a narrative journal of the many spiritual lessons and gifts I received during a period of tremendous loss in my life and how they were put to the test during my best friend's battle with cancer. It chronicles the close friendship we shared during this traumatic time and how we worked to stay conscious and move forward with our inner growth despite our pain. When we are asked to say good-bye to what was, we are offered an opportunity to experience what can be-if we do the work.

Each chapter highlights the various inner battles as well as the gifts that are revealed during difficult times. The lessons include issues of control, judgment, needing to be right, forgiveness, self-love, receiving, and the power of our beliefs. The gifts include partnership with your Higher Self, true intimacy, the power of play and laughter, faith and patience, angel whispers, co-creating, and much more. At the end of each chapter is a list of questions and thoughts that aided me to go deeper with the work.

Dog Health Care

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Dogs Health Care, A Beginner's Guide to Safe and Natural Remedies for Healthy and Happy Dogs will give you guidance in raising a healthy and happy dogs mostly using natural remedies (essential oils or coconut oils). In this book you will find topic like : * Benefit and usage of essential oils and coconut oils * Recipes for ear care * Recipes for skin care * Flea and tick control * How to get rid of dog odors * How to prevent car sickness in dogs * How to naturally calm an anxious or stressed dogs * Allergies in dogs * Gastric ulcers in dogs * Dog weight loss * Frequently asked question about dogs


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