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101 Healthy Meals In 5 Minutes Or Less

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A simple, uncomplicated guide to easy, unfussy but very healthy meals, snacks and desserts for the person who needs to eat and hates to cook. Over a year of good nutrition with no more than 5 minutes of prep time. Now that's a miracle!

Promoting Health In Schools

RRP $244.99

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Covering all aspects of health and wellbeing including physical, emotional and social health, this book will help schools to encourage children to make positive life choices. It links directly to Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and the National Healthy Schools Standard, and there are lots of: - photocopiable resources - lesson plans - case studies of good practice - useful forms, which can be adapted to suit your setting. This book is full of practical guidance on all aspects of PSHE, including dealing with bullying and family disharmony, and how to encourage good hygiene. Drawing directly from her experience as a school nurse and independent nurse consultant, Emma Croghan provides a clear framework for teachers, school nurses and education professionals to work together. Headteachers, class teachers, School Nurses and PSHE Co-ordinators wishing to attain the National Healthy Schools Standard will find this book essential reading.

Healthy Living Planner

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Get your healthy lifestyle started! ** Thematic journal / notebook **
Unique concept. Simple and effective: REDUCED TO THE ESSENTIALS OF A HEALTHY LIFE! Also ideal to support weight loss. Not linked to any specific diet system.

Living a healthy life does not have to be complicated. Actually, the basic elements of living healthy are known by everyone:

  • Various everyday movement
  • Fresh, natural food
  • And regular enjoyment & relaxation.

International research and good sense agree on that unanimously. However, our lives are different most of the time: We eat fast and highly processed food, we sit for hours every day, there is little movement and almost no exercise, we seldom take time to consciously relax.

The knowledge of the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle is in our minds; what is missing in many cases is the daily implementation.

This is where the HEALTHY LIVING Planner comes into play!

This newly developed planner helps you to finally take action in the fundamental areas of MOVEMENT, DIET and RELAXATION

Plan your healthy and active day in only a few central steps and check yourself at the end of the day on a daily basis.

Each day you aim for a few concrete goals in the three fields - plus one freely chosen - and note them in this planner:

1. The movement part is divided into the items "Everyday movement", "Gymnastic / Mobility" and "Workout (strength, endurance)".

2. A healthy nutrition is represented by the consumption of vegetables and fruit. In addition you are reminded to pay attention to drinking water and omitting sweets and unhealthy food.

3. Plan a specific time for pleasant moments of relaxation.

4. Last but not least there is room for a freely chosen point on your daily healthy-living-schedule.

At the end of each day you go through the items, checking each one if fulfilled. Then proceed to plan your next active, healthy and relaxed day (or week)!

The diary form of the HEALTHY LIVING Planner is the key to successfully changing your habits and achieving your objectives by briefly writing down your goals on a daily basis.

The key to a healthy life are small everyday steps! No fancy equipment or calorie-counting needed. This is true both for leading a healthy life and for loosing weight (body-fat) and staying slim.

All it needs is your decision to get started. The HEALTHY LIVING Planner guides your way safely and efficiently and helps you to stay committed!

An inspiring quote weekly contributes to this as well.

By using this planner you will progressively adopt awareness and healthy habits throughout your whole life, beyond and above the single items of the form.

The HEALTHY LIVING Planner provides one page daily templates for 14 weeks. In addition, there is two page weekly form at the beginning of each week.

Size: 5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm), black & white on creme-white paper. 153 pages. Paperback (glue binding)

I'm Good For My Sake...

RRP $28.55

23 Healthy And Crazy Good Cast Iron Recipe Meals

RRP $18.99

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Don't have enough hours in the day to prepare healthy but crazy good meals?

23 Healthy and Crazy Good Cast Iron Recipe Meals was created to produce Fast, Healthy and Crazy Good meal results, while making it as easy as possible for the average person to learn about Cast Iron Cookware and Cooking.

Any idea what these black and glossy pots and pans are all about?

Well, they are similar to what your mom and grand mom cooked with, when cooking the food that you grew up eating.

When you eat your meals now and compare it to grannies or nanas cooking, you must definitely be wondering why their food was much tastier than what you currently prepare? You may even be using their recipes but your meals just don't have the same taste.

Lets face it, with Cast Iron Cookware it isn't hard to eat delicious food.

The hard part is planning, preparing, and maintaining your Cast Iron Cookware.

The problem with our generation is that we are either too much into junk, or extremely health conscious.

If you are one of the health conscious ones, then I bet you opt for non-stick cookware, which requires less oil.

Well, herein lies the difference. The same dish cooked in a metal cookware (read, cast iron) will taste different (better different).

The best part of using cast iron cookware is that you can try out the same recipes, which you cooked in the same old non-stick cookware, and taste the difference.

In this book We have brought to you many recipes from the classic American corn bread to casseroles, from Mexican tacos to Asian noodles, plus many more. These recipes are simple and easy to make.

In addition to the book recipes, this cookbook will :

  • Teach you the History of Cast Iron Cookware
  • Show you the different types of Cast Iron Cookware
  • Show you the Benefits of Cooking with Cast Iron Cookware
  • Teach you how to season your old or new Cast Iron Cookware
  • Give you some very handy Cast Iron Cooking tips to create dishes with great flavor and mouthwatering appearances
  • Show you how Clean and Maintain you Cast Iron Cookware so that it lasts for a lifetime

These 23 Healthy and Crazy Good Recipes are organized into 4 sections :

  • Cast Iron Breakfast Recipes
  • Cast Iron Appetizer Recipes
  • Cast Iron Non-vegetarian Recipes
  • Cast Iron Vegetarian Recipes

This cookbook will help you get started on the right track this instant, and help you reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle without the hassles of a super strict regime.

Click the "buy now" button and start mastering your Cast Iron cookware cooking skills

I look forward to helping you on your journey. Join me on the road to a healthier lifestyle.


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